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After experiencing a cancer diagnosis in her twenties (Aly) and a self-love journey which led to a 50lb weight loss experience (Erica), we created a platform to interview real people about their personal journeys in health and wellness. From physical wellness, to emotional and spiritual, we hear courageous stories and focus on why it is important to share them. We are committed to de-stigmatizing conversations in the wellness space and celebrate the experiences and lessons of our courageous guests. We are now certified holistic integrative nutrition health coaches and speak at live wellness panels and events. For all episodes find us on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, and everywhere podcasts are found! 

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sun sign: libra
self care ritual: journaling, daily movement, morning and evening chanting as part of my spiritual buddhist practice 
favorite workout: Spinning
wellness motto: Healthy, with a side of fries
reading: “The Microbiome Diet” by Raphael Kellman MD, Body Love by Kelly Leveque, Women Food & God by Geneen Roth 
guilty pleasure: a glass of red wine, country music

bio: Erica Stein is a director, producer, and wellness enthusiast who started her professional career working at Entertainment Tonight & The Insider. Her journey in nutrition and wellness began after a 50 pound weight loss that started through self-love. After loving and accepting her body as it was (and beginning to exercise because of how much she enjoyed it, instead of as a form of punishment for what she ate or how she looked), the weight began to fall off. 6 years later, she kept the weight off but still struggled with emotional eating and body dysmorphia — and this is when she started diving deeper into nutrition and mindset. She is now a certified holistic integrative nutrition health coach, wellness expert, and works to help women across the world feel secure and happy in their own bodies. Erica was born and raised in Los Angeles, is obsessed with fermented foods, the gut microbiome, and will never say no to a photo booth. She is also extremely passionate about food accessibility and affordability, stemming from her own experience as a child. 

sun sign: aries

self care ritual: walking a lot, daily chanting, epsom salt baths and taking time to cook

favorite workout: yoga

wellness motto: you vote with your fork

reading: Body Love, by Kelly LeVeque and Genius Foods by Max Lugavere

guilty pleasure: shopping for home goods, my Nespresso machine, a DRY rosé

bio: Aly French was born and raised in NJ and NYC and is a graduate of Vassar College. As a professional performing artist, she has had the opportunity to perform all over the world from New York to London to Tokyo. As a performer she has always been interested in health and fueling herself properly, but her wellness journey was really ignited when at 29 she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in the muscle lining of her back. After 3 surgeries, she is now cancer free! The experience however, completely changed her relationship with her mind, body, and spirit. It also channeled a passion for studying anything she can about nutrition after her body craved specific foods while healing! She is now a certified holistic integrative nutrition health coach, wellness expert, and works to educate people about eating to FEEL their best and be their own health advocate. Aly also enjoys cooking, traveling, yoga and listening to (and singing) jazz! Through Courageous Wellness, she also works to bring awareness surrounding food accessibility and affordability.


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